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With the whole world as a market.


Spruce products from Ljungträ AB are highly appreciated by customers from all over the world. The timber structure is suitable for furniture and decorative purposes, as well as high-strength construction and clothing. Our products are usually sorted in Saw falling, Sixth and Seventh grade in 3.0, 2.7 and 2.4-meter length. Customized sorting, lengthening and drying are also possible upon agreement.

Frequent dimensions are:

63x84 / 100/125/150

50x100 / 125/150


43x82 / 44x85

24x110 and 75x75



For us at Ljungträ AB is it important to deliver quality, following certificates is to prove that our products are good.

Ljungträ has following certifications:

  • ISPM (KD) certifikate
  • Forest approvals
    • Appendix 1
    • Appendix 2



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