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About us

Ljungträ AB is a privately-owned sawmill and production facility in the village of Munktorp, just outside of Köping in Västmanland, Sweden.

Our mill is located in an area renowned for its high-quality spruce timber, allowing us to maintain exceptional standards for our products.

We specialize in producing sawn spruce timber in 3-meter lengths, with our log sources and production processes specifically tailored to deliver top-notch timber products to a variety of markets.

Our team is composed of 17 dedicated full-time employees who work together to produce approximately 43,000 cubic meters of sawn timber annually. We also consume around 120,000 cubic meters of solid small-dimension logs each year to maintain our production capacity.

Our high-quality products are primarily sold to wood processing industries for further refinement. We take pride in exporting about 75% of our output to countries across the globe, including Germany, Japan, China, and Egypt.



The production

Every week is about 60 lorries with small dimension spruce logs delivered from our log sourcing partners. The volume and quality is measured and evaluated on each lorry basis by VMF / Qbera, an independent timber measuring organisation. Logs are debarked and sorted in selected timber classes, based on diameter, to suit the final products and stored shortly before processing on batch basis through the sawmill.

The Sawmill is of Söderhamn-Eriksson brand, built 1984, consisting of two chipper canters and one rotary gang saw of Vislanda brand. Towards the end of the line there is a stick stacker of Almab brand installed since 2001. Afterwards is the timber artificially dried in four chamber kilns, in the size of 160-190m³ per each chamber. The drying process is controlled by a system supplied by Valutec. Required hot water for the dryers is provided from a solid fuel fire boiler that belongs to the sawmill.

The timber products are sorted and marked in decided qualities, before bundling at our sorting mill, consisting of two manual sorting places and four separate stackers.




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