Log source

The logs are sourced in the surrounding of the sawmill, within a distance of 100-150km from the sawmill, heavily from Västmanland region of Sweden.

All logs are spruce in about 3.05-meter length, with a top diameter of 13 cm up to 24,9 cm, with a rough average diameter 15cm in the top.

To avoid logs that has been grooving too fast, is our requirement that the timber should contain at least 12 annual rings within the assessment area (2-8 cm from the marrow at the top of the log).

Our logs are all sourced and provided by the forest partners of ours, with no harvesting organization belonging to the company.

The annual log volume is about 120,000 m3 solid, equal to about 1.6 million logs every year.

Delivered timber is measured and evaluated by an independent timber measuring compound called VMF Qbera, operating two days per week, Tuesday and Thursday.

Since Ljungträ is certified, do we have strict rules what kind of logs are sourced.

Ljungträ AB are self-committed as a purchaser feed stock out of forest and seller of certified sawmill products, to work for acquisition according to recognized forest certification requirements and intentions.

Ljungträ AB does not accept timber that comes from the following sources:

Forests where customary or civic rights are offended. Forests where high conservation values ​​are threatened (Woodland key- habitat of rare and endangered specie). Genetically modified trees (GMO) illegal harvests. Natural forests that has been harvested for the purpose of utilizing the area of ​​plantations or non-forest land use.

We make above requirements on our suppliers and our staff are trained to follow routines, with the purpose of meeting the requirements for all our purchase of raw material from forest.

To learn more about the Swedish forestry, you can browse the sveaskog youtube link below.

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